What’s going on everyone. My name is Vik Patel on today’s episode of the “Entrepreneur within” we talk about leading with value.

Hey, are you an entrepreneur or maybe you already have your online business launched and ready to go either way. I invite you to join me on my journey. As I learn, apply, and share Internet’s most effective marketing secrets in my business.

All right. So leading with value, what does that even mean in the plain simple terms? Leading with value simply means that you are going to help someone give them value without expecting anything in return at all. This is one of the biggest things people don’t understand at the beginning of their journey as an entrepreneur, how important it actually is to give out value to someone who is out there just like yourself, looking for answers. Now you do not need to be expert at what you’re doing in order to do this.

All you need is you need to know a few things more than the person that you are helping out. Now, the biggest reason why we do this is that once you start doing this, people will know like, and trust you. It’s actually proven that people are more receptive to you when they know like, and trust you. So for that reason, we want to be able to hold yourself as a person who is there for them to give them value, to help them without expecting anything in return. That is what it means to lead with value. Now, you might ask that, I don’t know much about adding value, how do I even do this? Because I, myself don’t have a lot of things that I know, and that is totally fine. As I said before, all you need to know is just a few things more than the person you are trying to help.

Remember in the kingdom of blind people, one-eyed man is the King. You just want to add value wherever you can. Once you establish yourself as a person who people know like and trust, they will naturally gravitate towards you and start looking for more answers. In which case you can then offer your services. If that’s what you choose to do. Now, one more thing that I really wanted to share with you guys today is at the beginning of your journey as an entrepreneur, you always have this one excuse to say, yes, EXCUSE! I said it, people always think that they don’t have enough resources in the form of either time, money, or support from the loved ones, right? So what you can do is you can learn how to be resourceful. It is said that when you don’t have resources, you need to learn how to be resourceful.

Just like I said earlier, go ahead and start giving value. This is 10 times better than actually reaching out to someone out of the blue, like cold calling simply does not work in the long run. To be honest, what you want to do is if you’re an entrepreneur, you need to learn how to market. Again marketing is an act of changing belief with the intent of a sale. Remember that now many of you might ask that, Hey, if I’m an entrepreneur, how do I even get started? How do you start sharing values? Right? So there are four questions that you need to ask yourself before you start sharing value.

#1 who are your dream clients? who are you trying to help? That’s the number one question you really need to figure out who is it that you are trying to serve with your product or your services and you will figure it out as you narrow down your niche for a particular market that you’re trying to put your services and product out to.

#2 Where you can find those dream clients, where do they usually hang out? Now, let’s say, for example, you’re trying to find people who are interested in football. Now, if you’re trying to look for them on Facebook, you’ll most likely find them in the groups that talk about football. So if I were you, I would just search: football fans United States or football fans Canada, something like that. And the groups that will come up, those are the groups that people who are interested in football hang out in. So you can be a part of that group and constantly add value to those groups. So another example is, if you are trying to find people who are interested in cooking, then there are different cooking groups on Facebook, where they would usually hang out and you would be part of those groups and start adding value to them.

#3 How can you engage with them? That’s really simple. Once you’re a part of the groups that we just talked about, what you need to do is you need to be active in those groups. And if there are any questions that are asked, you have to be the person who does not necessarily have to give the answer, but just maybe give your opinion or share your experience on that particular questions. In other words, just be interactive. So what will happen is people who usually hang out in that group will start looking at you as this is a person who is actively engaging with them. And if they have more problems and that’s the person who I would go and approach.

#4 What results are you trying to deliver for them? So when they reach out to you, you actually know what your eventual goal is. After knowing the fact that you have been actively contributing to those groups, they will naturally be coming to you, looking for answers. And when they do come, help them out with whatever they want your help with. And then after you’re done helping them tell them. Hey, by the way, there’s also this, another cool thing that I know of that could be totally worthwhile. Do you want to check it out? Something like that right now, those are the things you want to keep in mind when you’re trying to add value to your client base to your market. So that is what we call leading with value. Now it is so much better leading with value than cold calling or approaching somebody out of the blue because people do not like it when you approach them out of the blue, unless they are actively looking for whatever it is that you’re offering.

Another nugget that I actually wanted to drop in this episode was if you find something that’s available out there for free, not really somebody adding value to the group, that’s a totally different thing. But if you do find something that’s available out there for free, really get better at actually knowing what is the value that you’re getting with the free stuff. Eventually what’s happening is marketers are smart. They are giving you a lot of value upfront for free so that they can eventually ascend you to a backend product, which is what you pay money for. Right? So, and that is totally fine to do. If you are an entrepreneur, that is actually what you should be doing, giving out value. So people know how good you are at what you do. And then eventually, if they like your value that you’re providing the services and the products that you’re providing, then you can ascend them to the next level where eventually they will be buying the next product or service that you will be offering them.

It is totally fine to actually be that person who is buying those products and actually checking out what kind of value they are providing you. Remember entrepreneurship is experimenting over and over and over again until something actually works. That’s basically what it means to be an entrepreneur. And don’t be afraid to spend some money on yourself. If something is helping you out, making your marketing or your sales skills better, go ahead and do that. A lot of people where they get stuck is they try to always keep looking for something that’s free. You guys all know if something is free, then it’s not always good unless there’s something else tied to it. Just ask yourself, the car that you drive, the home that you live in, even the phone that you use, right? Is that all for free? It’s not! Now just imagine if all of that was for free. Now does that sound too good to be true?. So learn how to invest in yourself. It’s okay to invest in yourself first, before you can even bring up a business to another level or before you can even start thinking of being an entrepreneur, invest in yourself, it will help you in the long run. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is ViK Patel. Thanks a lot for tuning in today until next time, take care.

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